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Feb 20th Reading – The Special Feasts for Israel

The Passover is a reminder of Israel’s escape from Egypt, the night the angel passed over the houses that had the blood of the lamb. For Christians, the passover foreshadows the perfect lamb of God, Jesus, whose blood is the source of a new covenant God made with all people rather than just the offspring of one man (Abraham). It is the blood of Christ that cleanses people that makes them holy and acceptable before God.

All of the feasts require great faith in God. Imagine this, you are surrounded by nations that hate you, and yet you publish the dates and places where every male 13 and older will be gathered. God promised that if they were faithful their goods and land would be safe when they gathered at the feasts.

The day of Atonement is considered by Judaism as its most holy day, when the High Priest would enter for the only time each year into the Most Holy Place, the inner room of the Tabernacle or Temple. What is incredibly fascinating to me, is that this holy day is also foreshadows Jesus as our High Priest, though not according to Aaron’s priesthood but Melchizedek’s. But there is another character in the day of Atonement that foreshadows Jesus as well, that is the scapegoat, the goat upon whom the sins of the nation would be placed and sent out of the city. This is one of the reasons that Jesus Crucifixion was outside of the city walls in Jerusalem on the hill of Golgotha.


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