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Mar 1st Reading – Personal Rights and Remedies

The law regarding escaped slaves caught my attention. Since slavery was part of their culture, I would have thought that Israel would be required to return runaway slaves. However God says that if a slave sought refuge from their master, that they were to let the slave live amongst them and not to oppress them. I had to think awhile ¬†about why God would not want them to return a slave. It seems to mirror Israel being slaves in Egypt who were oppressed, and God freed them from their bondage to show them the way of righteousness. If a runaway slave sought refuge in Israel, God would want that ex-slave to learn the way of righteousness also. Unfortunately Israel didn’t often walk in righteousness, even though the law taught them how.

I wish the US would understand why God told Israel not to borrow from other countries, but rather to lend. Because the borrow is a servant to the lender and you never know what kind of master another country might be.

The law regarding brothers marrying their brother’s wife if he died and they had no children was not a new practice God taught in the law of Moses. It was already a custom of the people as seen in Genesis chapter 38 with Judah and Tamar. This command reminds us that when a woman married a man she was leaving her family behind and becoming part of his extended family for the rest of her life.


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Feb 27th Reading – Laws of Government

The law of Moses’ anticipated the people’s request to have a human king. The people didn’t understand how great they had it with God as their king and not a man, in part because having no human king, they felt they could do anything they wanted. They used their freedom under God to follow their own desires rather than the good of others. This is an important concept when it comes to the freedom we have in Christ. The New Testament teaches Christ frees us from sin to serve others, not our selfish desires.

God commanded the kings not to accumulate wives, property and wealth from the people. Oh boy, if government would only listen to this. Have you ever noticed that politicians who go to Washington for long periods of time, become very wealthy on incomes just over 100k? God also said the king was supposed to follow the law himself, why do rulers and congressman often exempt themselves from the very laws they create?

The rules for establishing a judicial system was simple and direct. The average person could understand how and why judges were to rule, not so today! The judicial system is ruled and operated by the same group of people (lawyers), who seem to make their own rules as it suits them.

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