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Mar 5th Reading – General Welfare Laws

I wish we could care for the poor like God commanded Israel to do. God’s wisdom in commanding Israel to not reap the edges of their fields so the poor could gather food, accomplishes a number of things that a straight handout does not. It requires the poor person to work for their food, since they have to go into the field and pick the crop, as well as carrying it home and preparing the food. It allows them to maintain some dignity for themselves as well as prevent people from getting caught in a terrible cycle of dependence and entitlement that welfare handouts often create. That doesn’t mean that handouts aren’t always bad, especially for those unable to work such as widows, children and handicapped. The goal of helping others in need is godly and good but we don’t want to do for somebody what they can do themselves, we want to help them with the burdens that become too big for them to carry on their own. That is exactly what Gal 6:2-5 is teaching.

Honoring parents is important to God. Besides being the first commandment given with an accompanying promise, to live long on the earth, God commanded some strict punishment for dishonoring parents. If a child hit a parent (occurs in Feb 28th reading ex 21:15), cursed their parent, or became rebellious to their parents, they were to be executed. If we practiced this in our society we might have a smaller population. On the upside, if we practiced this, we wouldn’t have baby-boomers retiring in massive numbers for the next 18 years creating a huge strain on the Federal budget since the majority would have been executed in the sixties and seventies. On the downside, I might not have made it out of childhood myself, so I guess I will be thankful this wasn’t applied to me. But I hope I learn to be more respectful of my parents and prior generations.


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