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Feb 20th Reading – The Special Feasts for Israel

The Passover is a reminder of Israel’s escape from Egypt, the night the angel passed over the houses that had the blood of the lamb. For Christians, the passover foreshadows the perfect lamb of God, Jesus, whose blood is the source of a new covenant God made with all people rather than just the offspring of one man (Abraham). It is the blood of Christ that cleanses people that makes them holy and acceptable before God.

All of the feasts require great faith in God. Imagine this, you are surrounded by nations that hate you, and yet you publish the dates and places where every male 13 and older will be gathered. God promised that if they were faithful their goods and land would be safe when they gathered at the feasts.

The day of Atonement is considered by Judaism as its most holy day, when the High Priest would enter for the only time each year into the Most Holy Place, the inner room of the Tabernacle or Temple. What is incredibly fascinating to me, is that this holy day is also foreshadows Jesus as our High Priest, though not according to Aaron’s priesthood but Melchizedek’s. But there is another character in the day of Atonement that foreshadows Jesus as well, that is the scapegoat, the goat upon whom the sins of the nation would be placed and sent out of the city. This is one of the reasons that Jesus Crucifixion was outside of the city walls in Jerusalem on the hill of Golgotha.


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Feb 5th Reading – Num 9, 1 & 2 – 2nd Passover & Israel Numbered

Israel has been out of Egypt for a year at the 2nd passover, but it is really the first memorial of the actual event when God passed over Israel’s houses when destroying the firstborn in Egypt. It is also the night when Israel left Egypt. They have been living in the desert for a year now. They have built the Tabernacle, appointed the priests and now God will count Israel and organize them around the Tent of Meeting.

Ephraim and Manasseh are counted as separate tribes, though it is mentioned they are sons of Joseph. However remember that Jacob asked Joseph to give him the two boys, so they become two tribes in Israel. Yet there continues to be 12 tribes of Israel. How? Well, if you notice Levi is not counted among the 12 tribes, God has separated them to himself that they might be his ministers to serve the rest of the people. Likewise, Christians are separated to God to serve the rest of mankind, which is why they are referred to as priests in the New Testament.

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Jan 25th Reading – Ex 12:1-13:16 ~ Passover Instructions

As I read about the Passover I cannot help thinking about the true Passover Lamb, Jesus. The blood of the lamb protects believers from judgment, this explains Jesus’ statement about coming to save the lost. The use of the term firstborn in the New Testament is better understood when we remember the plague upon Egypt’s firstborn. Notice that Israel’s firstborn males were¬†consecrated to God, because the firstborn are God’s.

I often forget that when Israel left Egypt many other people left with them. I can imagine that the other poor, slaves and oppressed people in Egypt would take advantage of the plagues destructive effects to escape their plight. I wonder whether they continued to live among Israel or left for another nation?

The message of Israel’s exodus from Egypt was meant to be preached by all Israelites to their children and strangers, just as the message of the cross should be spoken about by all Christians to their children and strangers.

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