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Feb 19th Reading – Laws to Help Honor God

As I stated in the title, the laws in this category all help Israel honor God above all others and hope to prevent setting up false gods in place of our Creator.

The laws against false spiritualists remind Israel that there are no other gods other than the LORD. When anybody claims to receive any kind of knowledge from the spirit world other than the LORD Himself they are lying. They also tempt people into following false gods rather than the true and living God, who made the heavens and earth as well and gives us life. Also in this category we see one of the earliest prophecies of Jesus the Christ. In Deut 18:15-19, Moses tells Israel that another prophet will be raised up by God to speak the words of the LORD and Him you must listen to. Israel was also given a test for any prophet, if everything they said happens then they are from God, but if not they are not from God. This ought to help us understand when self-proclaimed fortune tellers or visionaries claim 98% accuracy, they are telling us they are false prophets.

The laws against blasphemy are there that we honor God with our words. Blasphemy doesn’t mean only cursing as in the example given, but are any words used to speak poorly of someone, in this case against God.

The laws of dedications and tithing reveal many details about what to do with certain tenth parts of their increase. However the most important part of these laws is to understand that the first fruits of man, animals and crops belong to God. This isn’t a new concept introduced with the law of Moses. Somehow Able knew this when he brought an offering to God and Abraham understood this as well. We don’t know exactly how they knew this or were instructed of this by God, but it does tell us this principle predated the law. A proverb also speaks to this concept saying that the first fruits belong to God. What we do with the first fruits and where we bring them may change but the principle seems to remain.

The law of the Sabbath is a reminder of God in creation and a command to not overwork, even though work is good, it is a reminder that there is something more important than work, God. The sabbath was to honor God and remember what he did for them. The Roman people in the time of Christ thought the Jews were lazy because they wouldn’t work 7 days a week. But, the law commanding the sabbath was not a law to make them lazy, but one to help them understand where their blessings really came from, not solely by their own effort but also by the grace of God.


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