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Mar 3rd Reading – Health and Dietary Laws

Mold has become a big deal when trying to sell houses today. A seller has to sign specific forms testifying about any knowledge they have regarding mold. Everyone is afraid of toxic mold, which if it begins to grow in a house, may require bulldozing the house and covering it with dirt. A show of hands now everyone, who knew God dealt so specifically with mold in the law of Moses? He explains how and when it must be treated, whether on the house or in our clothes, and when it must be destroyed and buried far away from people.

What if we practiced the rules for sick people as God commanded? The cold and flu would probably spread less, since the sick people would be easy to spot with a mask covering their nose and mouth area, wearing torn clothes, crying out “Unclean! Unclean!” and living outside of our living area. Of course, if we practiced these rules I’m guessing productivity in our workplaces might go down with so many less workers available. Of course, maybe it would go up if we separated all the sick people so the healthy could work even harder and longer hours. But I’m wondering if we could even have elementary schools, since the quantity of snot running from the noses of our little germ-factories, oops I mean adorable little kids, probably runs into the gallons every day.

On that wonderful thought, I better get some tissue for my running nose. Have a healthy weekend.


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