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Feb 1st Reading – Ex 35:4-39:1 ~ Building of the Tabernacle

The thing I find most interesting about the building of the tabernacle is the Spirit filled craftsman. God had such precise designs and building qualities in mind that normal talent and craftmenship apparently wasn’t enough. The artists and craftsmen were inspired by the Spirit of God to work with gold, silver, bronze, stone, wood. I find this rather uplifting in an age that seems to worship at the feet of everything tech (and those of you who know me, know, I love my tech gadgets too) that even the work done by hand in what is today often thought of as menial labor has value enough for God to inspire it.

I also noticed that a couple of men were skilled also at teaching others to do the work. This reminds me of Romans chapterĀ 12, when it calls on those who have the gift of teaching use it for God to teach. It is a reminder that the talent to teach another is additional to the knowledge or skill to do something.

It is impressive that Israel had such a heart toward giving to build the Tabernacle that Moses had to send out a message to stop and restrain them from giving anymore. Boy, what a great example for us.