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Mar 4th Reading – Dietary Regulations

I am very thankful God stated in 1Tim 4:3-5 that we could eat all foods created to be eaten with thanksgiving. I am thankful to be able to eat lobster, crab, catfish, pork and many other foods that were forbidden for Israel. Though I think I understand why God forbade many of these, there appears to be a greater health risk in eating many if not all of the unclean animals he forbids in the law. However, I think the greater reason for distinguishing between clean and unclean is for Israel to understand there is a distinction God makes between good and bad and those who love God will be Holy as Lev 20:25-26 states.

The prohibition against eating of blood is still a command God expects even Christians to follow. You may wonder why I’m making this distinction between some commands in the law of Moses and others, and that is a good question? If it was simply me making the distinction that would be a problem, however if you read the letter sent from the church in Jerusalem and the Holy Spirit to other churches in Acts 15:23-29 you will notice 4 things that they stated were still requirements from the law; abstain from idolatry, blood, things strangled and sexual immorality.

This is one of the reasons it is good for Christians to understand the law, many of the commandments are still righteous requirements for godly men and women.

Do you know that in the modern nation of Israel today, you cannot get a cheeseburger? There laws prohibit cheese from being put on hamburger because of the commandment that they could not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk. I can why Jesus rebuked Israel for adding so many traditions of men to the commandments of God. A simple commandment to not cook a young animal in its mother’s milk, gets transformed into not being able to eat the meat of any animal while also eating the cheese made from any other animals milk. Am I just opposed to this because I don’t want to have my right to eat cheeseburgers taken away? Hopefully not 🙂


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Mar 3rd Reading – Health and Dietary Laws

Mold has become a big deal when trying to sell houses today. A seller has to sign specific forms testifying about any knowledge they have regarding mold. Everyone is afraid of toxic mold, which if it begins to grow in a house, may require bulldozing the house and covering it with dirt. A show of hands now everyone, who knew God dealt so specifically with mold in the law of Moses? He explains how and when it must be treated, whether on the house or in our clothes, and when it must be destroyed and buried far away from people.

What if we practiced the rules for sick people as God commanded? The cold and flu would probably spread less, since the sick people would be easy to spot with a mask covering their nose and mouth area, wearing torn clothes, crying out “Unclean! Unclean!” and living outside of our living area. Of course, if we practiced these rules I’m guessing productivity in our workplaces might go down with so many less workers available. Of course, maybe it would go up if we separated all the sick people so the healthy could work even harder and longer hours. But I’m wondering if we could even have elementary schools, since the quantity of snot running from the noses of our little germ-factories, oops I mean adorable little kids, probably runs into the gallons every day.

On that wonderful thought, I better get some tissue for my running nose. Have a healthy weekend.

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Feb 25th Reading – Purification for Uncleanness

When reading through the Old Testament about uncleanness it often reads like some kind of sin. But when you look closely at the reasons people were unclean, most if not all of the reasons are for common life situations, such as a woman having a baby, sexual behavior, getting sick, touching a dead body (family members were expected to prepare the body for burial). God is not saying these things are sinful or bad, but when they occur we shouldn’t involve everyone else in the situation. For example, it is a blessing for a woman to have a baby, but we don’t want to invite everyone in to witness the event, or to touch and hold the baby right away, there is an appropriate amount of time for mom and baby to be separate, even for the health of the baby. In fact most of the unclean issues have some health and wellness issues that correspond to these life events, such as bodily fluids, we know transmit disease, so it was God’s wisdom to teach Israel to avoid bodily fluids typically. Notice most of the purification rituals involve bathing along with the required offerings.

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